Some Locations Taken from “The Prince of Risk.”

originalbalthazar At right, 1 World Trade Center, home to Bobby Astor’s hedge fund, Comstock, in my new novel, The Prince of Risk.


And next to to it, Balthazar, office away from the office of corporate investigator (and former black ops spook) Michael Grillo.  He’s likes the steak frites done “bleu!”  And so do I!!!





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Seven Days and Counting

Hard to believe it’s been three years (and then some) since the last book hit the shelves.  I’m very very excited about the new one, “The Prince of Risk,” due out on Tuesday, December 3.  It’s a return to my early days writing financial thrillers…and the timing couldn’t be better.  Not a day passes without mention of wrongdoing in the business world – usually of the massive, earth shaking variety:  Hedge fund managers indicted for insider trading, billion dollar losses trading derivatives, government fines totaling ten billion dollars!   Are there any honest people left in high finance? I hope not…or else I won’t have much to write about.