The Patriots Club


Thomas Bolden grew up on the streets, his childhood a blur of fragmented memories. But now he’s managed to put his past behind him, find the woman he wants to share his life with, and carve out a successful career on Wall Street. Until, in the blink of an eye, his world is turned upside down. A bizarre kidnapping sends him fleeing for his life, his face everywhere on the TV news, and a violent, shadowy organization framing him for crimes he did not commit.

Desperately trying to get back to where he was just a day before, Bolden must relearn the survival skills of his hardscrabble boyhood. But as Bolden—with just eleven dollars in his pocket and hunters all around him—survives one violent, harrowing hour after another, he makes a series of startling discoveries: about an astounding secret rooted in history, among the country’s founding fathers and families…about a conspiracy lurking in the darkest corners of corporate America—and a deadly plan which only he can stop. And in the process, maybe Bolden will also find out who he really is.