The Runner


“A wonderful novel of conspiracy, treachery and political intrigue … Reich evokes the fascinating world that existed between the hot war and the cold war — he is a master of atmosphere and detail.”
Nelson DeMille, author of The Lion’s Game

The Wall Street Journal

“This is thriller-writing on the grand scale.”
The Denver Post

“Fast-moving … briskly paced … The Runner confirms all the promise Reich showed inNumbered Account.”
Chicago Tribune

“Move over, Jack Higgins and Robert Ludlum, Reich has grabbed hold of your genre and made it sing. The Runner is an intriguingly crafted cat-and-mouse hunt.”
San Francisco Examiner

“Reich skillfully keeps us guessing.”
Chicago Sun-Times

“Reich is good news for insomniacs who need an excuse to stay up till the wee hours.”
Daily News (New York)