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Message 25 - Henry Bensimon
I am reading Rules of Deception now and I find it very good. However, The Devil Banker's was, in my opinion, your best book. I've read all your books and Numbered Account is the next best. I will be waiting for the follow-up to Rules of Deception in paperback which is going to be next year but I can always wait for a good book.
19 June 2009

Message 24 - Ian Mackenzie
Just finished Rules of Deception. A really great read! I'll need to find your other works in a bookstore.
4 June 2009

Message 23 - Gabriel Montgomery
Mr. Reich,
I happened across your book, The First Billion, the other day at my military compound here in Basra, Iraq (I am active duty, 4th tour of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM). I recently started dabbling in the stock market, and have been reading everything I can get my hands on related to it. Your book was fantastic. Needless to say, the excerpt from Devil's Banker had me salivating. Now....three days later, I had to check your website to find out what else I can read. I am a new fan.
2 June 2009

Message 22 - Teresa Russell Minert
Well, I must be seriously behind on my reading! I've been waiting since your first three books for you to have more. I went to the book store tonight and you have three new ones. Keep up the good work. I highly recommend the first three and am thrilled to see the new ones. I bought the two on the shelves, will order the other one, and look for new ones more often!!! Happy writing.
25 May 2009

Message 21 - Jack Straw
I've read an advance copy of the new book. Chris has really kicked it up a notch in RULES OF VENGEANCE, which I did not think possible. Reich rules!
30 April 2009

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