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Message 20 - Adam Reich
Ive read a few of your Books, im curently in Afganistan and started reading Devils Banker. Ive already read Numbered Acct. and The Patriots Club. Id have to say the Patriots Club is so far my favorite. The main reason I started reading your Books was Because my father told me that he was pretty sure that we are related. but who knows
14 March 2009

Message 19 - W. Dabrowski
Rules of Deception was a fantastic book and I burned through it during my flight. I can only hope you will write Rules of Deception 2 with the same characters (which I love). It would be nice to know what happens to both of them after such an amazing ending.

Until Rules of Deception 2 (hopefully) I will burn through all your other books.
17 December 2008

Message 18 - Douglas Brown
Mr. Reich: Just finished Rules of Deception. Terrific read - had trouble putting it down! Now, I plan to take a look at your other books. Keep it up!
30 September 2008

Message 17 - Robert
I am in the process of reading your body of work. Wow, no one has talked to you about book lengths? I am reading Numbered Account and 758 pages is like three novels. Now having said that, I really enjoy your writing and look forward to many more of your work.
29 September 2008

Message 16 - Justine
Hi its me I finally found Your Webpage. Its really cool.
23 September 2008

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