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Message 15 - Debbie Nowak
I just loved your new book "Rules of Deception". This is my 1st book of many that I will enjoy by you. The book was full of twists and turns through the whole book and I couldnt put the book down. Your books are definitely on my list to keep on reading from now on. Thanks for the great book and waiting for the next one to read.
24 August 2008

Message 14 - Scott Hannah
I saw you on Foxnews a few weeks ago and right after your interview I went to the local book store ordered your
book.I waited 2 weeks and got it WOW a great ride read it in 3 days it kept me on th edge of my seat.
22 August 2008

Message 13 - JIll Hubbard
Just completed Rules of Deception., it was a great read. Going backwards now and enjoying The Patriots Club. I must tell you that I picked up Numbered Account years ago just because your last name was Reich. I had once dated a guy named Tom Reich so the last name sold the book . What a great surprise, the book was fabulous. I've enjoyed them all. look forward to the next one. ps I think you guys were related there is a striking resemblance!
18 August 2008

Message 12 - Dorothy Curtis
I just finished Rules of Deception and I loved it. This is the first time I have read any of your books but it will not be the last time as I have a list ready for the next time I go to Border's.
11 August 2008

Message 11 - B. J. Lee
I'm anxiously waiting for my copy of Rules of Deception to arrive. I have enjoyed all of your books enormously! You are as high on my list of favorite authors as Vince Flynn and David Baldacci! Thank you for writing wonderfully entertaining books!!
5 August 2008

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