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Message 10 - richard lipow
an enjoyable rolling read!
2 August 2008

Message 9 - Joe Wheeler
Boy, I am looking forward to this book after the NY Times review.
17 July 2008

Message 8 - Chris
Great move going on Glenn Beck. Picked up Rules of Deception yesterday and cant put it down. Great work. On to your others.
17 July 2008

Message 7 - Evan Wilkerson
Hey Chris,
I wanted to let you know that I just so happened to be watching the Glenn Beck show in it's entirety for the first time ever on Monday night and I, of course, saw your appearance.

I have never been a huge book reader, but for some reason as I was watching you explain your new book, Rules of Deception, I was telling myself that I just had to read it.

So, true to my word, I woke up the next day and immediately went to Borders and picked up a copy(more than likely the first copy sold at that location, as the books were still on a cart waiting to be put out).

Anyways, I just finished reading it and I wanted to tell you that I was absolutely blown away by it and just could not put it down. Sadly, I do not remember the last time I read a book this quickly or this adamantly.

I have found my new favorite author and I will be heading to the local library tonight and hopefully find your previous novels as well.

Thank you for writing a book that thrilled me so much.
16 July 2008

Message 6 - Pierson Ball
Hey Chris,
I just saw you on Glenn Beck. Look forward to reading Rules-Hope to see you tommorrow night at the signing.
15 July 2008

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