Numbered Account

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Published by: Dell
Pages: 768
ISBN13: 978-0440225294


A job he shouldn't have taken... A woman he shouldn't have loved... A secret he shouldn't expose...if he wants to live.

Nick Neumann had it all: a Harvard degree, a beautiful fiancée, a star-making Wall Street career.  But behind the dazzling veneer of this golden boy is a man haunted by the brutal killing of his father seventeen years before.

Now chilling new evidence has implicated his father's employer, the United Swiss Bank, in the crime.  Nick doesn't know how.  Or why.  But he has a plan to find out: move to Zurich.  Work for the same bank.  Follow in his father's footsteps.  Look for the same secrets...and uncover something so shocking, so unexpected, justice may not be enough.

For as a circle of treachery tightens around him, as a woman with secrets of her own enters his life, Nick makes another chilling discovery.  Not just about his father but about himself.  And how far he's willing to go to find out what happened seventeen years before—when a man died and a conspiracy was born.


“Smart and sophisticated...Wonderfully credible.”
The New York Times

“Chilling detail, suspense and intrigue.”
The Denver Post

Chicago Tribune

“Fascinating...the tension crackles.”
People Magazine

“Fast-paced... compelling, rich with intrigue and suspense.”
San Francisco Chronicle

Writing Numbered Account

“How did you write your first book?” “Where did you get the idea?” “How did you know you could do it?” “Were you certain it was going to get published?” There you have them: my four most frequently asked questions. The best way I can answer them is to talk a little about how I came to write my debut novel, Numbered Account. Here goes:

Way back in 1994, I was living in the lovely lakeside town of Neuchatel, Switzerland, where I was the CEO of a small Swiss watch company called Giorgio Beverly Hills Timepieces. I’d started up the company in 1991, and after three years, we had fifty employees and were selling the watches in over thirty countries around the world. All that jetting around the world sounds fun - and believe me, lots of it was – but for some reason I just wasn’t happy. I wasn’t sure what I should be doing, but I knew this wasn’t it.

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