Rules of Deception

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Published by: Anchor
ISBN13: 978-0307387820


Dr. Jonathan Ransom, world-class mountaineer and surgeon for Doctors Without Borders, is climbing in the Swiss Alps with his beautiful wife, Emma, when a blizzard sets in. In their bid to escape the storm, Emma is killed when she falls into a hidden crevasse.

Twenty-four hours later, Jonathan receives an envelope addressed to his wife containing two baggage-claim tickets. Puzzled, he journeys to a remote railway station only to find himself in a life-and-death struggle for his wife’s possessions. In the aftermath of the assault, he discovers that his attackers—one dead, the other mortally wounded—were, in fact, Swiss police officers. More frightening still is evidence of an extraordinary act of betrayal that leaves Jonathan stunned.

Suddenly the subject of an international manhunt and the target of a master assassin, Jonathan is forced on the run. His only chance at survival lies in uncovering the devastating truth behind the secret his wife kept from him and in stopping the terrifying conspiracy that threatens to bring the world to the brink of annihilation. Step by step, he is drawn deeper into a world of spies, high-tech weaponry, and global terrorism—a world where no one is whom they appear to be and where the end always justifies the means.

Rules of Deception is a brilliantly conceived, twisting tale of intrigue and deceit written by the master of the espionage thriller for the twenty-first century.


"In Rules of Deception Mr. Reich sets some dangerous fanatics in motion but keeps their identities and motives mysterious. And his finale lives up to the level of suspense he has created....Put it all together, and you get exactly the kind of page-turner that Mr. Reich promised." (Read the full review)
Janet Maslin, The New York Times

"Reich concocts an elaborate, appealingly twisty plot…B+"
Thom Geier, Entertainment Weekly

"Don't let the title fool you: there are no rules whatsoever when it comes to the deception in Reich's globe-trotting, bomb-ticking, loyalty-blurring thriller. Rules of Deception … will keep you reading—and checking news headlines to make sure it's just fiction.  3 out of 4 stars."
PEOPLE Magazine

"The un-put-downable sixth spy novel from bestseller Reich (The Patriots’ Club, which won an International Thrillers Award in 2006) shows he’s the equal of such masters of suspense as Ken Follett and Frederick Forsyth. The twisting story line revolves around Jonathan Ransom, a 37-year-old surgeon for Doctors Without Borders, whose wife is killed while mountain climbing in the Swiss Alps. As Ransom struggles to come to grips with this tragedy, he receives two mysterious baggage claim tickets addressed in her name. Ransom tracks the luggage to a remote train station, where two Swiss police officers attack him shortly after he picks up the baggage. Once safely away, he examines the contents only to realize that his wife was an undercover agent involved in 'the blackest of black ops'—a plot that includes unmanned airborne vehicles, secret uranium enrichment facilities in Iran and the destruction of Israel. This first-class adrenaline fest will leave readers guessing until the last page."
Publishers Weekly

"Never has a plane ride gone by so quickly!  Rules of Deception was such a thrilling and compelling read that I spent the whole flight anxiously turning the pages, breathless to find out how it ended.  Full of stunning twists and turns, packed with suspense, this is everything a great thriller should be."
—Tess Gerritsen

Rules of Deception is pure suspense–an ingenious spy thriller for the new millennium.”
—Linda Fairstein

"Rules of Deception is an intense, impossible-to-put down spy novel–like Robert Ludlum at his very best."
—Vince Flynn

"Fast-paced and intriguing, Rules of Deception is a great international thriller full of twists and turns that kept me guessing to the very end. A very enjoyable read."
—Kate Mosse, author of Labyrinth

"Rules of Deception packs a wallop. Christopher Reich is at the top of his game."
—David Baldacci

"There's a reason why Christopher Reich is a superstar writer. You'll find it on page one of this book. And page two. And page three…and all the way to the vivid end of this great new thriller."
—Lee Child

Rules of Deception is an ingenious thriller set credibly in the shadowy world of international espionage.  This one has it all: well-drawn characters, wonderful writing, exotic settings, and a high-tech terrorist plot that will keep you breathlessly racing along right through its electrifying climax.”
—Nelson DeMille

Rules of Deception delivers pure suspense, intrigue, and adventure from its first page to its last. Christopher Reich is the master of the espionage thriller for the 21st century.”
—Clive Cussler

“Christopher Reich is one of my favorite suspense writers and he’s outdone himself this time. From the ingenious opening, featuring a butterfly of all things, to the mind-blowing switcheroo ending, this is a book and a movie, all in one!”
—James Patterson

"Once again, Chris Reich is firing on all cylinders. Rules of Deception is a supple, elegant thriller with a beguiling sophistication. Reich catches the reader on page one and utterly commands you to finish through a plot that carries triumphantly from one thrilling climax to another. He certainly knows how to manipulate the reader in exciting ways, and he's an expert (as his award winning The Patriots Club proved) in creating a riveting imagined world so real you wonder if it was actually imagined."
Steve Berry, author of The Alexandria Link